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By setting up in Paris-Saclay, TotalEnergies aims to integrate a co-innovation space within an ecosystem of excellence to invent, develop and experiment with the energy solutions of tomorrow. Our goal is to create a standard-setting innovation and R&D hub with international influence in carbon-free energy.


Strategic partnerships with public and private players

TotalEnergies has a longstanding presence in Saclay’s environment. The Scientific and Technical Center located in Beauplan near Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse spearheaded the Group’s R&D activities in the area of geosciences in the 1990s and up until 2001. Total EV Charge is located in Vélizy. More recently, some of TotalEnergies’s research teams have moved to the École Polytechnique district, in the buildings of IPVF and Nano Innov (CEA).

TotalEnergies maintains partnerships with public research players, including schools and universities, as well as private players. It also helps promote French research at international level and increases Paris-Saclay’s attractiveness.

A few example partnerships:

Paris-Saclay is one of the world’s best innovation clusters. It has everything it needs to become a global standard-setter in carbon-free energy. It covers a number of skill areas that are essential for building our energy future: electricity networks, robotics, material sciences, simulations, computer science (AI, quantum computing etc.), environmental science, life sciences, cognitive sciences etc.

The strength of an ecosystem like this one is that it brings together researchers and open-innovation practices with a view to designing the energy solutions of tomorrow and planning their implementation at an industrial level.

Our main partners in Paris-Saclay 



A leading project in the Greater Paris area, the Paris-Saclay cluster is a driver for renewal in French and European industry. Inspired by the success of Silicon Valley, it is recognized as one of the world’s eight most innovative clusters. Its ecosystem combines academic know-how, the world of research and the business sphere and will bring together up to 20% of French public and private research.


Paris-Saclay Innovation Playground

A few figures:

  • 360 research labs.
  • National research institutions (CNRS, CEA, INRAE, INRIA, INSERM, Onera and IHES) have a presence there.
  • 65,000 students attend the top prestigious schools and universities, grouped into two hubs: the Paris-Saclay university (13th university worldwide, 1st for math and 1st in Europe for physics) and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris (with the École Polytechnique ranked 2nd worldwide for small universities).
  • 3 Nobel prizes and 10 Fields medals.
  • 423 startups operating in the area, supported by 35 innovation sites/incubators and 142 investors and businesses.
  • Many large groups are locating their research activities in Saclay: Thales, EDF, Air Liquide, Danone, Horiba, Servier etc.

Learn about the Paris-Saclay project

Paris-Saclay is among the world’s eight most innovative clusters (source: MIT Technology Review)